The Godfather - Louis’ Restaurant Scene

A meeting is arranged between Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) and the Corleones with the agreement that both parties conform in a public venue.
*After exchanging several words with Sollozzo, Michael (Al Pacino) excuses himself and asks permission to go to the bathroom.
Michael retrieves a previously planted revolver and returns to the table.
Approximately 33 seconds- 4:57 / 5:30 -of mounting tensity pass before Michael suddenly rises out of his chair and assassinates Sollozzo and then Captain McCluskey (Sterling Hayden).
To this day, my heart races with nervous anticipaction (especially hearing the rising sound of screeching rails from an approaching El-Train in the background) while viewing this classic and memorable movie moment.

*For those of you who are curious as to what words were exchanged between Sollozzo and Michael, here is a loose, general translation.

SOLLOZZO: “I’m sorry…”

MICHAEL: “Leave it alone.” ( or ) “Forget about it.”

SOLLOZZO: “What happened to your father was business. I have much respect for your father. But your father, his thinking is old-fashioned. You must understand why I had to do that.”

MICHAEL: “I understand those things…”

[Waiter brings McCluskey's veal, then exits.]

SOLLOZZO: “Now let’s work through where we go from here.”

MICHAEL: “How do you say… ?” [Then Michael returns to speaking English.]

[After Michael returns from the bathroom]

SOLLOZZO: “Everything all right? I respect myself, understand, and cannot allow another man to hold me back. What happened was unavoidable. I had the unspoken support of the other Family dons. If your father were in better health, without his eldest son running things, no disrespect intended, we wouldn’t have this nonsense. We will stop fighting until your father is well and can resume bargaining. No vengeance will be taken. We will have peace, but your Family should interfere no longer.”

Duration : 0:6:10

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